Monday, October 6, 2008

Who is in charge?!?!

After tucking in my sweet girls I decided I would take my long over due shower. They begged me to stay but I didn't give in and reassured my sleepy heads that I would be back after my shower to rub their feet (yes, they are spoiled with nightly foot rubs...I know, I'm crippling them for life!). Off I went with high hopes they might actually fall asleep before I finished my shower. Not a chance! Less than three minutes into my shower Addie walks into my bath room and with all the authority she can muster says, "Moooommm! I told you NO SHOWER!" To which I politley responded, "And I told you not to get out of bed. Go back to your bed please and I will be there when I'm done." Apparently, my three year old thinks she is in charge!! She trots off and I think to myself at least one of them is alseep...hopefully! I kid you not, two minutes later Zoe shows up and with just a hint of attitude and sighs, "Are you ever gonna be done with your shower!" Apparently, my six year old thinks 5 minutes to myself is too much to ask! Ahhh! The bittersweet moments of motherhood. I have to confess I chuckled when I heard Addie's utter disbelief that I would disobey her command. And I laughed and shuttered to think that Zoe already sound like a teenager. Somehow, I thought Tim and I were the ones that run the show around here...but more often than I like to admit my sweet little girls try to test us just to make sure!! Rest assure the night ended with them getting their foot rub but having to fall alseep on their own...a perfect comprimise to reassure them I love them but I'm still in charge:) The picture is old but they sure look sweet!!

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