Friday, October 24, 2008

Day Five

I suppose we could get more creative with our titles, but for now the day encompases the conglomeration of things we are doing. Today we started at the boys house, we were greeted with big smiles from Gino and Sammy and open arms (no lollipops!). They are becoming attached which is good and bad, good in that a bond is being formed, bad in that we will be gone for a few months, come back, leave, come back...I suppose that so long as we come bring them home with us eventually, they will know that we will always return. The only other way is to move to Haiti...but that is another discussion.

Anyways, during lunch/nap time, Tim went with John to the market and grocery store on a mission to find pure vanilla for his grandmother who is an avid baker (and a very good one I might add). Jen spent her time at the women's program house buying 8 bags for those who have claimed them on facebook. We have also been able to see another amazing thing that we haven't posted is the women who make purses, hats, baskets, etc. out of typical plastic bags (the type you get from the grocery store). Essentially they cut the bag into one long/thin strip and then crochet them like you would with yarn. It's very cool to see trash turned into something functional.

When nap time was over, we went back to the pool...and again the boys were apprehensive, but relaxed and had fun thanks to Jen's motherly instinct who introduced plastic cups to help them play with the water and enjoy it (video below). They also started mimicking (sp?) words which was fun for us as speech is not thier strong suit. After the pool, Jen went back to the women's house, and I stayed with the boys until dinner. When I tried to leave, both Sammy and Gino had a break-down...again, heart warming, and heart-breaking at the same time. I detached, then left...and Jen (unknowingly as to what had just transpired) arrived just after I left and consoled them for a little while.

Then we went to a Haitian dinner at a neighbors house. She made a great meal of chicken drumsticks, rice/bean mixture, chicken stock sauce, spicy cole slaw, and Akra (not Okra, it's a root that is fried like a hush-puppy with spicy peppers). It was fantastic, and the woman who hosted us is also a music teacher...she played the saxaphone for us at the end, it was a great evening.

Much to the nannies shagrin, we stopped by the boys' house after bed time to say goodnight, Gino was still awake looking at the book Jen made for him, he was happy to see us, and sad to see us leave shortly thereafter. It's hard to figure out the fine line of encouraging attachment, and keeping separation so as not to mess them up when we aren't there. Ultimately God knows, we'll trust in that, and continue to try to be wise.

Now we're staying up, chatting with Beth, and two visitors who are leaving tomorrow (I'm rudely typing while they are talking). Another couple, who are further along in the process than we are, arrived today...a nice couple from Illinois adopting a little girl named Yves. So now there are three families here visiting the five children we are adopting. What a neat community. Enough chatter, we leave you with a video. Love and kisses...especially for Zoe and Addie.

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