Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day two...

Well, day two...I (jen) began the day with a very enjoyable tour of the city. Beth, Tara (another fulltime missionary) and I ran about 5 1/2 miles through the streets of Port au Prince. I am the first to admit that I am extremely sore since I haven't run in about 3 months...not such a good idea in hindsight. After that is was time to go see the boys!!! They came right to us and we saw them open up a little more today (as seen in the above video). Gino still has a strong preference for me over Tim but was warming up to Tim as the day went on. Gino even said "bye-bye" and willingly gave Tim a kiss good night! My battery is going to die so I have to hit on the highlights of the day quick... the boys "got silly" with us and we saw that they aren't as quite as we thought. This is a good thing though if they are going to survive in the Pearson home...better known as "carnival" to some. Never a dual moment. It may have been a fluke but Sammy said 'MOUM" a few times to me today and Gino said "PAPI" to Tim. I have no doubt that they we repeating what they heard but this too was encouraging since we weren't sure they could talk at all after yesterday. We visited the boys again after helping the McHoul's set up a clinic they are having tomorrow. It was about 6pm but pitch balck out and we gave them glow sticks!!! oh boy did they love those...for all I know the poor nannies are trying to get them to stop playing with there glow sticks and go to sleep. It was a wonderful day! Tomorrow is going to be busy so I need to get some sleep!

This is a time lapsed picture of the kids playing with the glow sticks that Tim took (i like it).

Good night-


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