Tuesday, October 14, 2008


In 6 days we will be hanging out with these two peanuts! We leave Sunday night, and will arrive in Port-au-Prince on Monday morning.
We are totally overwhelmed with packing, getting
the girls ready, the house ready, the dogs ready, ourselves ready...but we're fired up. Thanks to so many who brought items for us to take with us, it looks like we're getting close to being full, so if you have already bought 'stuff', bring it to church and we'll take what we can and try to ship what we can't. If you still want to participate, we can take money with us and purchase items there, or give it to the orphanage for them to use as they see fit, or you can still contribute to the cost of our adoption. We expect nothing from anyone, yet are blessed, humbled, and thankful for all that people have done for us and with us. We will be doing our best to update this blog while we are there, please visit often, it will probably be our easiest avenue of communication to the 'masses'. Love y'all.

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