Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day Four...


Today we took the boys to a pool for the first time in their life...and boy could we tell. Not only have they never been to a pool, we don't think they have ever had a full bathtub! When you have 10 little bodies to bathe in Haiti, it is an assembly line proceedure of using a bucket of water to wet them, then soap, then a bucket of water to rinse, then off to drying, then to clothing. I attempted to put a cloth diaper on wasn't pretty (Jen's was a little better, but not professional), I passed mine off to a nanny. So needless to say, the pool was a little overwhelming at first, and cold to them (extra refreshing for us!). Gino clinged to us for most of the time, Sammy was the first to let go and stand on the step, but at the end (as you can see in the video) they relaxed a little and had some fun. In the afternoon, we watched the women sew bags (Jen bought two more for a total of 5, yeeeesh), and also saw a woman use some fabric we brought to make the sling design she came up with. We also saw their child birth education class. In the evening we went to a Haitian Bible study of about 20 people, it was interesting as they did it all in English, not for our sake, but for them to be able to practice what they learn in school. The study was on the book of James, 'rejoice in suffering', it was strange to see that what we see as their suffering is the only life they know. Keep Haiti in your prayers. Love to you all...good night!

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Cindi said...

Two more fish to add to your "school"!!!! Can't wait to hear all about the boys. Mom