Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day Six...

Sorry for the delayed update, last night the internet wasn't working for a while, and we were busy entertiaining two little V.I.P. guests. I'll start from the beginning of the day...if I can remember it. In the AM we went to the boys' house and played with them until lunch/nap time when we drove into the hills of PaP to a tourist trap type market to look for trinkets and play the bargaining game (which Jen didn't like this time). We got a pencil holder for the homeschool room (don't tell Zoe ;) The twin boys who are being adopted came with us on the trip (our boys were sleeping), it was one of their first long car trips, and we learned that one of them gets car we showed up to market with a naked kid and clean up in progress. On the way back we had a bucket just in case, but made it home without incident. We returned in time to wake the boys from their nap, then brought them home to the McHoul's for dinner and toys. As with every new experience for them, it took a while to adjust and relax, but it didn't take long before they were playing with their firefighter helmets, cars, and a spoon...making car soup. Gino fell asleep with Jen first while Sammy and I stayed up. We layed Sammy in bed and he just stayed there awake, not moving a whole lot (something we aren't used to). At some point he fell asleep, there wasn't much change from when he was awake. Something that we are used to is not having any room in a bed for us to sleep in. The boys were between us, kicking eachother and us all night. They slept well, except for when we were awoken by Sammy crying. In the pitch black night we were feeling around for him and only found his lower half at the top of the bed! Somehow he had made his way between the wall and the headboard! Tim moved the bed away from the wall and we were able to extricate him, he went back to sleep within thirty seconds. This morning they were disoriented at first, but quickly were comforted to see us. They have been happy, playing and eating. It's fun to have them alone to spoil them and watch them become comfortable and act natural around us...but now we are encroaching on Day 7 business, so we'll keep that for tonight. Today is we bring them?

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