Friday, October 10, 2008

Mom, What is...?

This may be the first in a sequel I call "Mom, What is?" It will likely feature all the wonderful and unexpected questions that my kids ask. Like this one. The other night we were diving home and Zoe asked, "Mom, what is 24 plus 24 plus 24 and 2 more 24s and..." at which point I realized I was only half listening and lost track of the 24s. I asked if she wanted to know what 5 times 24 was and she said, "No. I wanted to know what seven 24s is." I did the quick math in my head and said, "It's 168 honey." She thought for a moment and said, "So, there is 168 minutes in a week?" "No, honey there are 168 HOURS in a week." I said. Then I turned to Tim and said, "WOW! 168 hours in a week!" What do we do with our 168 hours each week?? Thanks Zoe! Thanks for making me stop and think. Hoping I spend my next 168 hours wisely!

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