Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day Three...

Okay, Day Three has come to a close, another busy day in the bag. We woke up at 6 this morning, got ourselves together and headed over to Sheila's house (where the womens and sewing programs take place) to help set up for a medical clinic by HALOS. There were about 200 patients that were seen by a family practitioner, a OB/Gyn, and a pediatrician (depending on need)...also on site was a pharmacy and a lab to test for malaria, HIV/AIDS, worms, fungus, HbG, etc. Unfortunately they had to inform a family of five that they are indeed infected with HIV...they will follow up with them to help them get into a program. I got to play doctor, interviewing patients then turning to the real doctor for confirmation/correction to my diagnosis. Jen got to play nurse while the boys were napping, taking in patients and getting vital signs. Jen worked her usual mojo with the boys, had them laughing and giggling, and she made an amazing discovery...she figured out why Sammy is always making this face:

She got him laughing and discovered that he is part chipmunk, storing food away for later times...he still had bread and beans balled up in his mouth from 2 hours prior! The first day I had given him peanuts, and we found those an hour or two later as well...we just hadn't put two and two together. Maybe it's the old orphanage story of putting children to bed with bread in their pocket, or maybe he just really likes super soggy bread in his mouth...who's cute. Jen will be responsible for any broken arms that are suffered on the trampoline in the coming weeks...she gave a gymnastics demonstration to the little ones, teaching them that it is really easy to do massive flips with twists (at least she made it look easy). Later we had a nice dinner at Byron and Shelly's (who have 7 kids, 5 adopted), along with another adoptive mother who is visiting, and another couple who were missionaries here, now back to visit (she is actually the one who brought Sammy to Heartline from Desalines, and is the one who named him!). Aye, we also met Junior who is the main man running paperwork all over the island to make adoptions happen...he has an office on wheels, lending staplers, pens, and glue to the government agencies so they can complete paperwork (he has some amazing stories, we told him he should write a book about why adoptions take so long in Haiti). Junior told us that our paperwork is out of first legalization and is now in IBESR as of Tuesday (one step closer, many more to go, keep praying/fasting!). Also we have sold 7 bags that will support the women's program (maybe 8, I just got another email). Now it's bedtime, we're thinking we may take the boys swimming tomorrow in Shelly's pool. Love you all, especially Zoe and Addie...we hope they aren't having too much fun without us.

More photos of Day Three RIGHT HERE


Lindsay said...

I am praying for you! Your Zoe looked great/happy this morning at Bible Study- I almost forgot that you were gone! I am so proud of both of you...bring those boys home soon! Lindsay

Kristen said...

My son Kembert did the chipmunk thing when we visited, too!