Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Haiti deforested...

On our way in we were reminded of the deforestation in Haiti and its effects. We had just passed the city of Gonaives (just out of frame to the left of the picture), the place that had the worst of the mudslides and flooding (they are still digging their way out)...and the culprit was still there. This island, once called Eden by Columbus, now resembles Afghanastan...when we fly into the Dominican Republic we are reminded what the island should look like. The people cut down trees to make charcoal, operating out of survival mode. Now the island is only 1.5% forested (last I heard). Haiti has a saying 'mountains beyond mountains' which essentially means 'problems beyond problems'. It will take a huge effort of grace and love to bring this island to a level of dignified poverty. Pray for Haiti.

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