Sunday, January 17, 2010

We need a Miracle!

Well, Tim finally made it into Haiti this morning! He set up a clinic and then went to see the boys! They were exceedingly happy to see him! Tim borrowed a phone and made a quick call to me. I was able to tell the boys I love them and they returned the love with a "Halo, I wuv ew" This totally made my day and has lifted my spirits a great deal!

The plan (which seems to change every hour) for now is to head to the US Embassy in Haiti in the morning and present our case and request and emergency visa. I have no idea what the "real requirements" are for this type of visa. It seems there many who have heard "this or that" but i suppose tomorrow we will find out!

As for Heartline, they were able to fly in medical specialist and 3000 lbs of supplies today! This was vital to the on the ground operations. They have set up a "hospital" and will see many who are in desperate need of surgery tomorrow. You support has made this possible. This is just one of the many aspects of their relief efforts. Please help them continue their good work at

I'm going to try and get some rest. Please pray for the visa to come through and lift up all those who are aiding in the relief efforts with Heartline!

Good night!


Rochel said...

we are praying for you! I have been checking your blog often to read updates from Tim. Can't wait to meet Sammy & Gino :)

Tracy said...

My sister is Jennifer McGregor ... we have our friends praying, praying, praying here in Houston. Can't wait to hear that Sammy and Gino are finally home!