Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Moment of Insanity and Extreme Generosity

My sweet Zoe gave all her birthday money to help save lives! in a moment of INSANITY, last night, I committed to do (not "run"...I will run/walk even crawl accross the finish line) the Disney Marathon. This is real insanity since the I haven't trained AT ALL! Why? you ask...the answer is easy! It's to benefit Haiti! I get to run with all my favorite ladies from Haiti and adoptive moms from the states. Who could say no to that! Not me!

Mama Beth explained that this group of runner has raised $60,000 to purchase an ambulance that will save the lives of mothers in labor and their babies in Haiti! After Zoe heard about the diffence the ambulance will make she asked if she could give all of her birthday money ($50 she had been saving it since July) to Mama Beth to help. Of course we said YES!
I am "running" this for the women and children of Haiti (and for Zoe, who encouraged me with her sacrifice) . My part in this is insanity (and a lot of pain), Zoe's part has been extreme generosity, what part will you play? To read about the Heartline Runner's or to donate the money you've been saving for a rainy day (hey it's a rainy day!) visit the Heartline Runner's Blog

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Jennifer McGregor said...

LOVE IT! Do they raise money every year by running the Disney marathon? Ryan is looking for a "Good Cause" to run for next year:) CONGRATS!