Saturday, May 2, 2009

We're Here!

This is our third trip to visit our boys who are still waiting to come home as governments and policy makers keep us apart. We are SO thankful for the home that they are in for the time being, and for the wonderful people who care for them while we are in the States. They are among friends, loved, fed, and encouraged.

We posted some pictures from today on facebook (CLICK HERE).

Thanks to everyone who donated items for us to bring, especially Cindi (Jen's mom) for buying a new trampoline pad and safety net, you can see from the pictures that it was badly needed.

Tomorrow we are going to church with Sammy and Gino.

Love to you all, we're enjoying our time, wish the boys felt better (running temperatures), but happy to be with them regardless.

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Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photo! Following your story...