Saturday, January 24, 2009


Tim asked me to write about yesterday. I will attempt to do this one handed since Dino insists on my holding him this morning. As some of you may know I'm training to run a marathon, while typically I love my training runs and the time alone...I didn't want to run yesterday at all!! I woke up and Gino (Pronounced Dino) and Sammy were smiling and giggling at me and i just didn't want to go. I wanted to enjoy the moment but the reality of 26.2 miles hit me up side the head and so I ran the streets of Haiti with Beth, Tara, and Shelly. While I was running Tim fed the kiddos and took them back to the boys house and hung out while they did their morning activites. I meet up with them, sweaty and covered in the mud of wet streets, to find Addie and Sammy making shapes with playdouhgh and Zoe "mothering" any child that showed a hint of "need." It's been fun to watch Addie take on the role of big sister with gusto, she is eager to throw away their diapers, get the toys they drop and help them learn new words. Zoe awaits any chance to help out and stays at the boys house, even staying behind without any of us, to "help a lil' longer".

(Ahhh, no little hands helping me type)

After that we returned to the apartment where we are staying and took a big family nap. Well rested, we returned to the boys house for some trampoline jumping, swinging and playing with friends. We returned to our place for a variation on bath time. Since we only have a shower and cold water we have been putting bathing suits on them, filling a large bucket with water and giving them cups to play with the water. THEY LOVE IT! It gives them a chance to experiment and play with water while they get cooled off. After about the bucket is emptied we soap them down and start over. In the end we have clean happy kids!!! Fun stuff.

We had a nice dinner with some other adoptive parents that arrived yesterday and all the people invovled in the minisitry here. Well past the boys bed time Dino was fast asleep in my arms and Sammy wasn't far behind. We called it a night and worked on processing the day with the girls before they drifted off.

So, that was yesterday and now I must get ready for the fun that awaits us today!!!

One more thing...I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!!!


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Sweet Blessings said...

Thank you for taking the time to write. Another blog I follow-they have adopted 6 kids-just picking up #6 (Gabrielle) and uniting the family last week. It's very precious to listen to the stories and struggles. Blessings! Amanda:)