Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Addie and her 'love' for animals...

Addie loves animals, kind of like that character Elmira from Animaniacs...she just wants to love them, and hug them, and call them "Sassy" (I don't know where "Sassy" came from, but that is her new name for everything). She also has an affinity for dead animals as they don't bite or squirm as much. She found a dried up frog in the garage and paraded around with it...can you guess what it's name was? Yup, Sassy. It's easy to tell which lizards we have caught in our back yard, they're the ones without tails (they grow back for all you non-Floridians...who am I kidding, I'm the only one reading this!) She's a trip...loving her exuberance and that she's not too 'girly'...at least until we get the boys.

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